Our Goals

Since our founding in 2012, Generation Next and our partners have made measurable impact for Twin Cities kids.

The seeds for success in school and in life are planted early — before kindergarten — and they extend to training or education beyond high school.

Generation Next uses six key benchmarks to plot critical points along a student’s journey, from kindergarten to early career.


Kindergarten Readiness

Each child enters kindergarten with the literacy, social, and emotional strengths needed for successful learning.


Early Grade Literacy

Every child meets reading proficiency benchmarks in 3rd grade. 

Middle Grade Math

By the end of 8th grade, each student is on track to meet benchmarks for success in math.


Social-Emotional Learning

By the end of 8th grade, every child is socially and emotionally equipped to learn. 

High School Graduation

Each student graduates from high school ready for college and career.


Post-Secondary Attainment

Every high school graduate earns a post-secondary degree or certification.