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About the Data Committee

The Generation Next Data Committee seeks to enhance the efforts of the Generation Next Leadership Council, staff, and networks. It seeks to empower these groups to use data effectively to plan, implement, monitor, and improve the activities of Generation Next. In this way, it supports evidence-based decision-making and the continuous improvement of Generation Next; it promotes the aims of Generation Next to increase academic achievement and close the achievement gap among the Twin Cities’ low-income students and students of color.

Data Committee Role

The Data Committee focuses on:

  • Quality standards and policies regarding indicators used to monitor education and to measure goal achievement
  • Framework for evaluation of Generation Next
  • Development & testing of new goals and measures for Generation Next
  • Vetting research carried out on behalf of Generation Next staff and/or networks
  • Advice on the development of a “common table” for data used to guide multiple educational initiatives


Click here to read the Generation Next Data Committee Statement on Data & Assessment Literacy and Data Use. 

Data Committee Membership

Stacey Gray Akyea
Saint Paul Public Schools

Kara Arzamendia
Saint Paul Public Schools 

Dale Blyth
University of Minnesota 

Tamra Boyce
Hennepin County

Rose Chu
Minnesota Education Equity Partnership

Kim Gibbons
University of Minnesota / Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI)

Meredith Fergus
Minnesota Office of Higher Education

Jennifer Godinez
Minnesota Education Equity Partnership 

Edith Gozali-Lee
Wilder Research

Alex Hermida
Minnesota Office of Higher Education

Sarah Knappmiller Hunter
Minneapolis Public Schools 

Delia Kundin
University of Minnesota

Anita Larson
Minnesota Department of Education

Paul Mattessich
Wilder Research

Eric Moore
Minneapolis Public Schools 

Michael Rodriguez
University of Minnesota

Tiffany Scott Knox
Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood

Kelly Stewart
Minneapolis Public Schools 

Amy Susman-Stillman
Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ)

Jennifer Verbrugge
Minnesota Department of Education 

KaYing Yang
Coalition of Asian American Leaders

Carol Zierman
Hennepin County 

Other Work Groups:


Practice is one of the three Generation Next strategic levers. The Generation Next Coalition seeks to change actions or efforts that directly or indirectly impact student learning.


Policy is one of the three Generation Next strategic levers. The Generation Next coalition seeks to change district, city, county, and state level decisions that impact or influence student outcomes.


Funding is one of the three Generation Next strategic levers. The Generation Next Coalition seeks to align and direct resources allocated by philanthropic and governmental institutions to activities that improve student outcomes.