Annual Report Our 2019 Annual Report is Here! Click Here to Read Now! Teachers of color change classrooms COMMUNITY EFFORTS IN MINNESOTA AND WISCONSIN WATCH NOW ON YOUTUBE Our cradle-to-career framework We focus on increasing achievements for all students in six goal areas
with an emphasis on eliminating disparities between racial and ethnic groups.
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Important News from Generation Next

Michelle Walker-Davis, Executive Director of Generation Next, Will Lead DC Public Charter School Board

Click HERE to read the press release from the DC Public Charter School Board

We have compiled a collection of resources our partners have put together to help families and children right now.


We support and expand the most effective educational practices.


We influence public policy changes to bring about positive educational outcomes.


We maximize resources and focus funding on the strongest educational strategies.

Our Mission

Generation Next’s mission is to harness the community’s knowledge, expertise, and action to ensure that every child can thrive. We envision a future in which every child has the academic, social, and emotional skills to thrive in a globally-fluent world. 

What We Do

Generation Next works with schools and school districts, community-based and advocacy organizations, philanthropic organizations, city and county governments, and higher education organizations to support students from cradle to career. Using the three strategic levers of practice, policy, and funding, we implement a collective impact model to increase achievements for all students. 

Who We Are

Generation Next is a coalition of civic, business, and education leaders from across Minneapolis and Saint Paul dedicated to closing achievement and opportunity gaps.

We use rigorous data analysis and community engagement to identify what works and replicate the most promising practices.

Our Goals

Through Generation Next’s cradle-to-career framework, we focus on increasing achievement for all students in six key goal areas with an emphasis on eliminating disparities between racial and ethnic groups. 
Kindergarten Readiness
Early Grade Literacy
Middle Grade Math
Social-Emotional Learning
High School Graduation
Post-Secondary Attainment


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